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TBD-GA-02000 Series Lightbar




1. The cover is made of high quality polycarbonate(PC) material with good impact resistance. The hardness reach more than 4H. The color is fresh and the transparency reaches more than 9 level.

2. The sealing performance is excellent and the waterproof and dustproof performance can reach IP53 level international standard.

3. Double-layer lighting structure, with perfect combination of  high quality halogen lamp and pulse xenon tube light sources. The main and auxiliary llight sources are controlled separately. It's long service life, high illuminating efficiency, strong background light resistance and powerful penetrating ability, good warning effect and wide application.

Technical data:

1. Light sources: 4pcs long xenon strobe tube + 2pcs halogen alley lamp

2. Power: 120W

3. Voltage: DC12V 

4. Packing size: 1270*388*240mm

5. G.W/N.W.: 13.5/11 KG

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